Building Dreams
Brick By Brick

TIME CHANGE: 9/20 open build/play  10Am-1pm

​Calling all master builders!

​Come build with us during our open build hours below.  We have open build times most weekdays, and selected times on Saturday and Sunday.  No need to schedule a time or make an appointment with us to come and build, these windows are completely open and at your leisure.  Please check for our special events highlighted on the calendar below.

* Closed every other Monday and Tuesday unless otherwise noted on the calendar below for a special event

Calendar is updated weekly on Thursdays.  Please check availability.

Last available open build/play starts 1 hour before closing, no partial hours will be accepted.

Special Events highlighted in GREEN below


Please see the below calendar for open times and play hours

Typically open most weekdays, however open build hours can vary based on booked engagements.

Saturday: Any open times on the calendar below.  Closed during party events.

Sunday: Any open times on the calendar below.  Closed during party events.

Schedule a party or attend a class:


$7 per child for 1st hour (1 hour minimum), $3.00 per 1/2 hour per child thereafter. 

Last playtime is 1 hour before closing.  Children under 2 years and parents are free.  (Must have one participating paying child)